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The wedding...

Well Brina and Matt got married today!! I have to admit that I was very nervous and also skeptical that I would have a good time. Holy was a blast! Getting ready for the wedding was a little crazy but fun! It was a bunch of women milling around and rushing later on just to be ready for the photographer. I loved my hair and the dress turned out to be quite good in the respect that many people complimented us bridesmaids on how well it looked, not to mention it stayed in place. I admit that it was somewhat uncomfortable when sitting but standing, dancing, walking around it was great! I honestly say that the $150 I spent on it was well worth it. I had a great time dancing and giving the groomsmen shit...I'm good at that. The groomsmen weren't so interested in spending time with us bridesmaids though. I understand though because I was the only single/unmarried bridesmaid and I'm not all least not all that to satisfy all the groomsmen. I'm just too intelligent for some

Anyway, I wanted to comment on the matron of honor and her husband. They both went to my high school and I used to be friends with the "matron"....I just had fun talking to her and her husband. It was a good time. He is alot cooler than I thought he would be. She has always been cool, and I've known that. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are a great couple and I'm happy they are married and so on...Very cute couple y'know?

Okay so anyway, being in a wedding makes my biological clock tick even faster and louder....that's just me being silly me though! Either way, I feel sick admitting that I look for men. I mean, it's obvious that I would like to be dating someone exclusively and that marriage could be in the future...I just get sad that I am single and the idea that I might not get married is prevalent....I know, I know...I'm young and I've heard that so many times! I know that I have to stop looking. For the most part, I really am not looking. I imagine that when I begin my extern(s) I'll be so wrapped up in it that I won't even realize what's going on....then I'll probably meet someone. It's funny cause I probably won't think I want a relationship, I just have to realize that I can't be picky anymore! Okay enough rambing and what ifs from me....
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I am glad you had a good time that the wedding, considering all the fussing you did on the subject. I know you were worried about the dress *staying* because of your certain above average woman qualities, lol. Boob tape anyone? :) Anyway, if your bored and can't rest make an account on There are a ton of ppl from our area on there, I have been having fun just playing with it. Damit...burnt myself lighting my smoke using a match...fuck that burns. Peace out.. Brian