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I hope everyone in the free freakin world gets a chance to see this commercial! It's hilarious...God knows, in the past, I've willingly become the, wing(wo)man for my friends just because that's the type of person I am. I'd much rather see my friends make a "love connection" before me, and as a result I am happy. So I've stepped up and talked to the friend so my friend can talk to the guy. Brief explanation, the wingman preoccupies the friend of the girl/guy your friend is after. This way there's opportunity for uninterrupted this, that and the other.

Anywho, this commercial is perfect....a guy sitting with the egomaniac chatty boring girl while his friend is dancing up a storm with the hot girl on the dance floor. Although it's super unrealistic crap even for a commercial...there's a guy, playing guitar, floating on by singing these lyrics in a haunting but catchy way!

Written by Chris K and Jason Elm
Performed By Chris k

This chick's rockin' your bro on the dance floor.
But she's towing an anchor.
A junior investment banker.
Who's talkin' about herself and not much more.
Oh, so buy her a beer,
its the reason you're here:
Mighty Wingman
You're taking one for the team,
so your buddy can live the dream:

Even at the risk of sounding silly and ripping off those other annoying commercials...PRICELESS! And of course the topper on this whole tv ice cream cake is at the end, when the absolutely bored wingman, with an extremely blank/pissed face, holds up his beer to toast his friend on the dance floor...good lord, I love this freakin commercial as if it was my baby!!!!

I must be crazy....dedicating this bitch-ass entry to a silly commercial....I like the little things in life!
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